New Features – Linking to Maps Part 3

November 2, 2012 in Updates

We have one additional feature that makes linking to our maps even easier. Under the File menu in the map panel you will find a new option: Map URL.

Clicking on this option will spawn a popup which has a clickable link to the current map state:

In this case the url is:{“zoom”:”6″,”center”:”lon=26.865381755052,lat=38.848414981353″,”pids”: [{"pid": "550812"},{"pid": "599612"},{"pid": "550893"},{"pid": "550908"},{"pid": "222192"},{"pid": "507469"},{"pid": "550898"},{"pid": "599947"},{"pid": "897849"},{"pid": "550595"},{"pid": "550696"},{"pid": "550497"}]}

If you click on this link, a new window will appear zoomed and centered to your current map view. You can simply cut and paste this URL into your own site, which will allow visitors to interact with any map that you create.

At the moment this only supports features that are in the Pleiades data set, so any customization will be lost (this is due to the fact that the URL generated will certainly become too large if we allow for customization of that kind). We are working on an alternative method for linking to maps using  POST parameters, but for now this is an easy and quick way to generate customized map views for external websites. As usual, please feel free to comment on this functionality, along with any suggestions for improvement.


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