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November 14, 2012 in Updates

We have now added modern GIS data (elevation from USGS GTOPO30, all other data from VMAP0 shape files created by GIS-Lab) which allows you to easily visualize changes in geography from antiquity to the present. At the moment we have modern layers for elevation, hill shades, coastlines, inland water, and open water.

For instance, if you are interested in the Po river (ancient Padus/Eridanus), you see the ancient geography as the default view:

By enabling the Modern Open Water layer, you will place the modern data set underneath the ancient one. You can then use the transparency slider on the ancient layer in order to highlight the difference between the two sets, as in the following example:

The link to this particular view is:{“zoom”:”5″,”center”:”lon=12.181122842056,lat=45.051409735141″,”pids”: []}

Please note that the modern elevation and hill shade layers are offered at a significantly lower resolution than their ancient counterparts, due to our desire to focus our time and resources on ancient geography.


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