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About Me Student loan consolidation: Road to sure financial success Majority of the students these days are required to take student loans for pursuing their studies. Their financial aspects related to their studies can be taken care of by the student loan consolidation initiatives. By the time, the student completes his college, he is neck deep in debt, a situation that he/she should try to avoid at all costs. Travel charges, textbooks, library and hostel charges, research expenses, conveyance expenses, food and other related expenses are likely to only burden the student to labor much harder for achieving success. Hence, students in today’s scenario are required to take student loans for attending classes and realizing their career dreams. How to consolidate federal student loans It is necessary to understand how student loan consolidation works. It is regarded by the experts to be an effective method to ease the burden of debt on young shoulders. Knowing how to consolidate federal student loans is quite simple. The web is full of blogs written by experts and those who have previously availed such loans and benefitted from it. A stress-free debt elimination process According to the experts, student debt consolidation can be termed to be an effective method tease debt burden. All the loans that are taken from different lenders in this process are clubbed together, the amount of which is to be paid monthly is sure to be found much higher than possible for some. It is at this point of time a consolidation loan is availed from a reputed lender to such an extent that all previous loans are paid off fully. This way, the person is left with just a single lender and the consolidated loan amount. Discussing with a lending company will help the individual to get a convenient and realistic repayment plan. Also, consolidation plans do come with lower than the collective rate of interest that was being paid on the outstanding dues to previous lenders. The loan term gets increased by another ten years. The installment is made to an amount that matches individual earnings, thus allowing the person to pay off the amount every month comfortably. This way, the person can gain from student loan consolidation scheme. Monthly repayment plan classification Generally, the consolidation program will have the following classification. There are present monthly plans which could be segmented into 4 parts: Graduated payment program: Smaller payments were paid earlier, thus increasing later along with individual stability. Standard payment program: Regular monthly installments are paid. Extended payment program: Lower installments are paid over a longer duration. Variable payment program: Payment is made according to financial situations, less or more. The individual needs to take the assistance of qualified counselors to understand how to consolidate federal student loans the right way and to meet their specific requirements. The counselors will provide assistance in selecting the right lender and plan for meeting the consolidation needs. They also will assist to get huge discounts combined with fringe benefits.