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About Me These are the best forex brokers ATC Brokers review In a desk environment that is non dealing is where you can find high end trading tools and ATC is the best option for getting that. Just in case you want to save much money for your business and avoid a lot of conflicts and issues with you broker you can use the ATC order system called Straight Through Processing (STP).What STP does is that it takes your orders and posts them directly to your other counterparties. The MetaTrader 4 platform can be very much of use to customers who want their orders customized and quickly executed this is because it enables you to like the order plug in that is advanced in that platform. By doing this you are able to create a multiple number of bracketed orders for different strategies of execution and still gives you a chance to execute a one click order. In chart trading the ATC gives you an opportunity to put the trade and then send the order directly from the window chart so that it gets fast execution. One of the challenges with ATC is that they have a minimum deposit of $5000 which is actually the highest of the other forex brokers and this is set back since a lot of people will not open any account with the ATC. While other forex traders provide their videos and tutorials not only in their platform but even in the forex trading the ATC provides theirs only in their platform. This is a problem since it reaches just a small group of people. TD Ameritrade You want to get high quality tools and of the best value since they mix the value with selection then the TD Ameritrade is your best option. TD Ameritrade does not require any kind of introduction since the broker regularly updates the lists and ensures that he reaches all and provides the best regardless of the investment product you have decided to trade in. If you want to trade a multiple number of goods in an all-purpose type of an account then the TD Ameritrade is your best option. In spite of it charging a minimum of $1 commission on pairs of some currency it still manages to get very high costs for traders of low volume. Something good about this company is that it does not have any minimum requirement of investment and also no minimum trade lot. and FXCM If you need a broker that can help you in terms of provision of educational resources and also support to customers then and FXCM is the best option for you. They also help you with the guides to learning the basics. For the forex brokers they are available 24 hours in five days while Sundays and Fridays it’s at 5pm. For the FXCM brokers they are always available 24hours in 7 days a week. Three types of accounts are offered by the FXCM which all have pricing that is quite favorable and a minimum of 1000 trade lot. There is the mini account for those that are starting which has a minimum deposit of $50. Any trader that has a mini account has to pay through the spread markups that are very much competitive. For the standard account the minimum deposit is $5000 and it also charges commission without spread markup. The commission is like for 1000 units you are charged $0.04. The brokers charge slightly a higher cost that use the spread markups. If your account stays up to 90 days without any kind of trading activity then a fee of $15 is charged (monthly fee data). Oanda It serves a vast number of traders by ensuring that powerful tools get to all platform. Understanding the forex market can be quite difficult but with Oanda forex brokers they make understanding very easy since the do the job of explaining to the people the basics from the beginning and also goes ahead and explains the history of market evolution. It also offers assistance when carrying out technical analysis. It has videos that will help you acquire the skills you need when it comes to navigating the platform and placing your trade for the first trade. The Oanda is a market maker which means that it sets the bid and also the asking price hence spread controlling. This is one of its disadvantage. What the ECN network does is bring together all the market prices from different participants in the market then present the spread that is best. forex trading strategies