New book: Cartography in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, edited by Richard J.A. Talbert and Richard W. Unger

September 16, 2008 in Publication

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new book that may be of interest to members of the AWMC community. The book, Cartography in Antiquity and the Middle Ages: Fresh Perspectives, New Methods, is edited by Richard J.A. Talbert and Richard W. Unger, and features contributions from Emily Albu, Raymond Clemens, Lucy Donkin, Evelyn Edson, Tom Elliott, Patrick Gauthier Dalché, Benjamin Kedar, Maja Kominko, Natalia Lozovsky, Yossef Rapoport, Emilie Savage-Smith, Camille Serchuk, Richard Talbert, and Jennifer Trimble. It is published by Brill, and its ISBN number is 978 90 04 16663 9.


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