Richard Talbert serves as inaugural Suzanne Deal Booth Scholar-in-Residence at ICCS-Rome

November 29, 2012 in Interest, News, Presentation

This past week Richard Talbert served as the inaugural Suzanne Deal Booth Scholar-in-Residence at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, Italy. Talbert visited Rome where he conducted a program of special lectures and site visits for the students in the program. At the Centro Talbert’s lecture on “The Magnificent Peutinger Map” introduced students to the Peutinger Map and issues related to the ancient Roman world view. Another part of the program included a site visit to the Curia Iulia in the Forum Romanum in order to discuss the history and procedures of the ancient Roman Senate, the subject of a standard work by Talbert. Yet another component of the visit involved a trip to the Museo della Civiltà Romana in EUR. Here students had the rare opportunity to view several key fragments of the fascinating and singular ancient representation of  the city of Rome commonly referred to as the Forma Urbis Romae. In addition, in a seminar Talbert and the students explored the world views to be glimpsed in Greek and Roman portable sundials.

Photographs courtesy Daniel Berman, Francesco Sgariglia, and ICCS Rome.


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