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Impact of Empire 14, Roman Landscapes, 12-15 June, Call for Papers

May 9, 2018 in Conference

The fourteenth workshop of the network Impact of Empire will take place in Mainz (Germany), June 12-15, 2019, with as its subject: The impact of Empire on Roman landscapes.
Committee: Marietta Horster, Olivier Hekster & Alexandra Busch
The subject on „Roman Landscapes“ addresses the world outside the cities and focuses upon how space becomes “Roman”: The impact of Rome on the shaping and structuring of space, the symbolic,  literary, political and legal creation of a Roman landscape, changes in the cultivation of land related to the Roman dominance.
Many subjects can be favourably explored, but to ensure coherence we will limit our choice of proposals to the following topics:
1. Mapping the Roman World: concepts and practices (traditional region or ethne/kingdom and province: space, natural and political borders; …)
3. Narratives of Roman landscapes (e.g. Georgica; Greek novel; Pompeian wall painting; artificial landscapes in villas; otium)
4. Rituals of integrating landscape into the Roman World (e.g. cult rituals and processions, centuriation, colony foundation)
5. Symbols marking a landscape as Roman (e.g. milestones; Roman villae; monumental cenotaphs and festivals; streets and aqueducts; military camps and canabae)
6. Appropriation by exploitation of land and natural resources (e.g. mining, drainage of marsh-land; artificial harbours; terracing; military food supply; diversification and intensification of agriculture)
We invite both established and early career scholars interested in presenting a paper or a poster to send the provisional title, a short summary (c. 100-150 words) of their paper or poster and brief biographical note to roman.landscape@uni-mainz.de .
About 20 participants of the workshop will read a paper; c. 5 participants will present a poster. Speaking time: 25 minutes. Only papers which directly address the issues raised in this call for paper can be considered for selection.
Deadline for the submission of proposals for paper / poster: 30 August, 2018. 
Papers, if of sufficient quality, will be published in the proceedings of the workshop, by Brill, Leiden – Boston.
Participants are expected to cover their travel expenses, though there may be a few stipends for especially junior scholars who cannot get reimbursement from their home institutions. The organizers are going to offer accommodation and lunches to the speakers and some meals.



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