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Service Updates

January 26, 2021 in Interest, News

The Center is aware with much regret that two resources it offers are no longer functioning as they should. Unfortunately, in both instances the problems which have arisen lie outside the Center’s control. The Djakota software package which facilitates the functioning of Map A on the Peutinger Map site is now considered outmoded by its provider and thus no longer maintained. Consequently, the background image of the map itself no longer functions. Similarly, Mapbox.com has ceased to support the data format used to create and deliver the Center’s Map Tiles. Any map using Map Tiles is affected in consequence (such as that developed in association with Duane Roller’s translation of Strabo, Geography).

Please be assured that the Center is striving to identify and install satisfactory replacements which will enable these resources to resume functioning. How soon that can be achieved, however, is as yet impossible to say.

Also be assured that the Center’s Antiquity-A-La-Carte is not affected by similar problems, and should continue to function smoothly.

A further update will follow when there is progress to report.


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