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Imperial Rome AD 193 to 284: The Critical Century (Edinburgh 2012)

November 14, 2012 in Interest, Publication

Imperial Rome AD 193 to 284: The Critical Century (2012; ISBN-13: 9780748620500)

Clifford Ando’s Imperial Rome AD 193 to 284: The Critical Century has appeared from Edinburgh University Press (2012) and features map content generated by AWMC.

From the publisher’s website: “The Roman empire during the period framed by the accession of Septimus Severus in 193 and the rise of Diocletian in 284 has conventionally been regarded as one of ‘crisis’. Between 235 and 284, at least eighteen men held the throne of the empire, for an average of less than three years, a reckoning which does not take into account all the relatives and lieutenants with whom those men shared power. Compared to the century between the accession of Nerva and the death of Commodus, this appears to be a period of near unintelligibility. The middle of the century also witnessed catastrophic, if temporary, ruptures in the territorial integrity of the empire. At slightly different times, large portions of the eastern and western halves of the empire passed under the control of powers and principalities who assumed the mantle of Roman government and exercised meaningful and legitimate juridical, political and military power over millions. The success and longevity of those political formations reflected local responses to the collapse of Roman governmental power in the face of extraordinary pressure on its borders. Even those regions that remained Roman were subjected to depredation and pillage by invading armies. The Roman peace, which had become in the last instance the justification for empire, had been shattered. In this pioneering history Clifford Ando describes and integrates the contrasting histories of different parts of the empire and assesses the impacts of administrative, political and religious change.”

Publication Date: Jun 2012 | Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm | Extent: 272 pages | Illustrations: 23 bw Ill., 5 maps | ISBN: 9780748620500 | Series: The Edinburgh History of Ancient Rome



AWMC Staff Changes

August 22, 2011 in News

Brian Turner, who has served as Acting Director of the Center since June 2009, announces his move to Portland State University where he has been appointed as Assistant Professor of History of the Ancient Mediterranean World. Jeffrey Becker (UNC Ph.D. 2007), who formerly directed the Center in 2006-2007, is returning as Acting Director for the 2011-2012 academic year. Becker is a Roman archaeologist and also holds the post of Managing Director of the Gabii Project, an archaeological initiative in Central Italy coordinated by the University of Michigan and the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology.


Message from Richard Talbert

August 22, 2011 in News

While warmly welcoming back Jeffrey Becker and congratulating Brian Turner on his move to a tenure-track position, the Center is sad to see Brian go.  During the two years of his Directorship, the number of students working at the Center has grown larger than ever, and several large, innovative mapping initiatives have been undertaken.  Without Brian’s exceptional energy, creativity and diplomacy, all this challenging activity would never have been co-ordinated so productively, let alone brought to the successful conclusion which it has achieved in every instance.  Brian’s contribution to the Center’s advancement has been a major one which will have a lasting impact; everyone associated with the Center is most grateful to him.”


AWMC Staff Changes – Message from Richard Talbert

May 26, 2009 in News

After two years as part-time Acting Director of the Center, Elizabeth Robinson – now ABD – is relinquishing this position in order to take up the Archaeological Institute of America’s prestigious Olivia James Traveling Fellowship for 2009-10. She will be pursuing research for her dissertation in Rome and Larino (Molise). Everyone associated with the Center greatly appreciates her service here and will miss her. Her conscientiousness and tact have proven invaluable. In addition, her initiative and technical expertise have played a crucial role in bringing the ‘wall maps’ project within sight of completion at last, overcoming a seemingly endless series of obstacles.

Brian Turner, who expects to complete his Roman history dissertation during the 2009-10 academic year, becomes part-time Acting Director of the Center from June 1, 2009. Having previously worked for the Pleiades project, Brian is already familiar with many of the Center’s activities.

Ross Twele (graduate student in History), who has been a cartographic assistant in the Center for the past year, will be taking up a departmental teaching assistantship for 2009-10. However, he will also continue to undertake some mapmaking at the Center. Ross has made notably valuable contributions to the ‘wall maps’ project and to the preparation of maps for Duane Roller’s forthcoming book on Eratosthenes.