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FYI – Two New Items of Interest

February 16, 2010 in Interest

  • Duane W. Roller’s Eratosthenes’ Geography from Princeton University Press offers a translation and commentary of the collected fragments of the third century BCE geographer Eratosthenes. The text also contains six full page maps and two double-spread maps prepared by the Ancient World Mapping Center. Click here for the Princeton University Press page.
  • Kurt Raaflaub and Richard Talbert (eds.) announce the arrival of their Geography and Ethnography: Perceptions of the World in Pre-Modern Societiesavailable from Wiley-VCH. In this volume twenty specialists describe and illuminate the dominant worldviews of various societies prior to 1750, and therefore offer a global and comparative analysis of how pre-modern societies viewed themselves and their worlds. Click here for the publisher’s announcement.