Atlas Adjustment: Argentariae Dalmaticae et Pannonicae

An incorrect country code (BOZ) was used in the directory and gazetteer entries for Argentariae Dalmaticae et Pannonicae and should be replaced with the correct code (BOS) in the Names listing on page 313 as follows:

Grid Name Period Probable Location Reference
D4 Arcidava RL Vărădia ROM TIR Aquincum 30; Tudor 1968, 48
Argentariae Dalmaticae et Pannonicae BOS / YUG See Mines / Quarries
F6 Augusta fl. RL Ogosta BUL RE; TIR Naissus 19

This error also propagated into the alphabetical gazetteer at the back of the atlas volume, and so that entry requires correction as well:

Argentan FRA7 F3
Argentariae Dalmaticae et Pannonicae BOS / YUG, 21 A5
Argentarius M. ITL41 E5; 42 A4

Please note that our update entries follow the conventions of the Barrington Atlas in the formatting of placenames; i.e., modern placenames are presented in italics, ancient placenames in regular type.