Atlas Adjustment: Ashur/‘Lambana’?/‘Liba(nai)’?

A typographical error in the Map-by-Map Directory for “Map 91: Ctesiphon” requires correction.

The first alternate placename for Ashur has been misspelled on page 1302 of the Map-by-Map Directory, the final letter ‘a’ of the name ‘Lambana’? being omitted. Correct the directory listing so that it reads as follows:

Grid Name Period Modern Name / Location Reference
F2 Arzuhin? AC perhaps Chemchemal RGTC 10, 68 Azuhinni; Oates 1968, 59-60
E2 Ashur/
Qal’at Sherqat Dillemann 1962, 87, 181, 273, 284, 285
Asicha? = [Terqa]
F4 [Aspanbor] R?L Salman Pak Oppenheimer 1983, 204

Please note that our update entries follow the conventions of the Barrington Atlas in the formatting of placenames; i.e., modern placenames are presented in italics, ancient placenames in regular type.