Atlas Adjustment: Destelbergen-Gent

The modern name Destelbergen-Gent was misspelled as ‘Destelbergen-Gand’ on “Map 11: Sequana-Rhenus” in the Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World, as well as in the associated Map-by-Map Directoryentry and the alphabetical gazetteer. All three of these documents should be modified to display the correct spelling of Destelbergen-Gent.

Map Adjustment

Modified detail from Map 11, © 2004, Ancient World Mapping Center

Correct the spelling of Destelbergen-Gent on “Map 11: Sequana-Rhenus” as indicated in the image shown here.

Directory Adjustments

In the Names listing on page 151 of the Map-by-Map Directory, correct the spelling as follows:

Grid Name Period Modern Name / Location Reference
G4 Deneuvre RL Petit 1994, 177-78 (no. 176)
D1 Destelbergen-Gent RL BGM Brulet 1990.30
D4 Deuilly RL Petit 1994, 81-82 (no. 65)

Correct the entry in the Roads listing on page 162 of the Map-by-Map Directory as follows:

Itinerary Period Reference
Autricum → Lutetia RL CAG 28, 45
Bagacum → Blicquy → Velzeke → Destelbergen-Gent RL TIR Lutetia 207
Bagacum → Kester → Asse → Rijsbergen RL van Es 1972, 83

Gazetteer Adjustment

Correct the alphabetical gazetteer entry at the back of the Atlas volume as follows:

Dessau GER12 F1; 10 I5
Dessobriga SPN24 G2
Destelbergen-Gent BGM, 11 D1
Dettingen GER, 12 C2
Dettingen GER, 12 C4

Please note that our update entries follow the conventions of the Barrington Atlas in the formatting of placenames; i.e., modern placenames are presented in italics, ancient placenames in regular type.