Atlas Adjustment: Sicca Veneria

The modern name listed for Sicca Veneria in the Map-by-Map Directory is Le Kef, which adapts the site’s common modern placename El Kef by replacing the Arabic definite article with the French.

Add the modern Arabic placename for Sicca Veneria to the listing on page 500 of the Map-by-Map Directory as follows:

Grid Name Period Modern Name / Location Reference
G4 Siagu HRL Ksar-ez-Zit AAT I, 37.4; EncBerb 22 Hammamet
C4 Sicca Veneria HRL El Kef (Le Kef) AAT I, Le Kef.145
E3 Sicilibba HRL Bordj Alaouine AAT I, 20.74-75; Lancel 1991, 1461

Please note that our update entries follow the conventions of the Barrington Atlas in the formatting of placenames; i.e., modern placenames are presented in italics, ancient placenames in regular type.