Atlas Adjustment: Strophades Inss

The Strophades Inss. were omitted from the Barrington Atlas. Additions to “Map 1: Mare Internum,” the Map-by-Map Directory and the alphabetical Gazetteer at the back of the atlas volume are required.

Map Adjustment

Modified detail from Map 1, © 2003, Ancient World Mapping Center

Mark Strophades Inss. on “Map 1: Mare Internum” in grid square H3 at 37°15’0” N by 21°0’0” E as illustrated in the image shown here.

Directory Adjustment

Add an entry to the Map-by-Map Directory listing on page 12 as indicated:

Grid Name Modern Name/Location Reference
I3 Sporades Inss. GRE See Map 61
H3 Strophades Inss. StrofadhesNisoiStamphane IslandsStrivali GRE RE
H2 Strymon fl. BUL / GRE SeeMap 51

Gazetteer Adjustment

Insert an entry in the alphabetical Gazetteer at the back of the atlas volume as follows:

Strongyli GRE, 54 C3
Strongylion TKY53 A3
Strophades Inss. GRE, 1 H3
Stropsko YUG49 D1; 21 D7
Stroud UKG8 G3

Please note that our update entries follow the conventions of the Barrington Atlas in the formatting of placenames; i.e., modern placenames are presented in italics, ancient placenames in regular type.