Roman Campaigns, 44-30 BC Metadata

Production date: 31 December 2003


This map depicts the landscape of southern Europe, northern Africa and south-western Asia during the first century B.C., from Nearer Spain and Transalpine Gaul in the northwest to the Red Sea and the mouth of the Euphrates in the southeast. Sites and regions relevant to Roman military campaigns between 44 and 30 B.C. are labeled. This map was prepared to accompany the book The Romans from Village to Empire by Mary T. Boatwright, Daniel Gargola and Richard J.A. Talbert, Oxford University Press, 2004, where it appears as Map 9.1.

This map was compiled and produced by Rachel Barckhaus, Mary T. Boatwright, Tom Elliott, Daniel Gargola, Andrew Hull and Richard Talbert.

Copyright 2004, Ancient World Mapping Center:
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Map Data

Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic

Projection parameters:
Central meridian: 30.000000
First standard parallel: 37.000000
Second standard parallel: 65.000000
Latitude of origin: 0.000000

Horizontal datum: WGS 1984

Scale: 1:14,380,000

Map units: kilometers and miles

Bounding box: 19.9 Latitude x 7.4 Longitude (lower left corner); 47.8 Latitude x 56.6 Longitude (upper right corner)