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Atlas News: Publication on Schedule

Although the project office does not manage the shipping and distribution of atlas copies, it is our understanding that stocks have arrived at Princeton’s warehouses in North America and the UK. We further understand that preorder copies began going out to those who have paid for them the week of 18 September. Indeed, some of our colleagues here in Chapel Hill have already received their copies. For detailed information on arrival dates in your area, please contact Princeton University Press directly. If you sent the Press a preorder form (or preordered via its website), but have not yet been invoiced for it, now is the time to check up on the problem. If you have not yet preordered, be sure to take the chance between now and 30 November while the preorder price is still available (preorder online at

An advance copy has reached the project office, and you can be assured that it looks magnificent. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to secure your own copy at what is really a bargain price for what you’ll be acquiring. As you may recall, a CD-ROM of the Map-by-Map Directory comes automatically with every copy of the atlas volume. A print version in two volumes of 700 pages each can be purchased in addition.

For a light-hearted retrospective on the making of the Atlas, you might enjoy Jason Smith’s article, which has just appeared UNC’s Endeavors magazine: The World as It Was.

Ancient World Mapping Center Established at UNC-CH

As the Barrington Atlas achieves publication, the Classical Atlas Project is happy to announce the creation of a new center devoted to promoting and facilitating cartography and geographic analysis within the field of ancient studies. The Ancient World Mapping Center operates under the Department of HistoryUNC-Chapel Hill, with cooperating support from the Department of Classics. Startup funding for the Center has been provided by the UNC College of Arts and Sciences and by the American Philological Association (APA). The Center has just moved into newly-renovated, permanent quarters on the fifth floor of UNC’s Davis Library. Tom Elliott has been named to a three-year term as the Director. Alexandra Retzleff joins the Center as Research Assistant, funded by the Department of Classics. The Center plans a number of projects, which will be outlined in due course on its new web site ( Prominent among these will be a “feedback page” for the Barrington Atlas, where users will have the opportunity to forward questions, comments and suggestions related to the Atlas and Directory. For immediate concerns related to the Center, please contact its staff directly at

What’s New on This Web Site

14 September 2000: Updated News page with latest publication information.

24 August 2000: Updated News page with publication information and Mapping Center announcement.

18 October 1999: Replaced last year’s APA Newsletter report with the current one on the News page

30 July 1999: Complete web site redesign. In addition, the following content areas have been changed or updated: 

  • Links to the Barrington Atlas page on Princeton University Press’ web site added to the Home, Overview, Background and News pages
  • Layout and Map Order information reformatted and updated to reflect final status
  • Web links on Background page checked and updated
  • “Geosystems” changed to “” to reflect corporate name change. Throughout.
  • Examples page updated and latest map images (2d proof) added
  • Credit page updated to reflect all institutional sustainers and endorsements as of May 1999
  • Award and ring icons and text moved to new Awards & Kudos page

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