Resources for ancient world geography

Keeping abreast of the ever-expanding set of resources relevant to the geography and mapping of the ancient world is a Herculean task and this page does not attempt to do that, rather it aims to provide a basic set of initial references for the community. AWMC is always happy to consult with scholars and community members seeking to find certain, specialized resources.

Print Resources

Wall Maps
Monographic and Edited Volumes
Ancient Topography

Electronic Resources

UNC Library Resources:


2 responses to Resources for ancient world geography

  1. Late 19th and early 20th century editions of Barrington Atlas?

  2. The closest such resource would be the 1872-4 “Atlas of Ancient Geography Biblical and Classical” edited by William Smith and featuring classical maps largely compiled by Carl Mueller. There were other attempts at such atlases in the 1890′s and 1910′s, but neither saw the light of day.

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