Commissioned Mapmaking

This page provides a short form of instructions for prospective authors who wish to engage AWMC in order to produce commissioned map products for scholarly publication.

Step One: proposal

  1. Contact AWMC in order to discuss the terms of the map-making project. The traditional geographical remit of AWMC is the ancient Graeco-Roman and Near Eastern worlds, although AWMC will consider map projects outside of that remit on a case-by-case basis.
  2. It is important to have production details fairly early in the process. If a publisher / publication venue has already been selected, AWMC generally asks authors to supply the following information:
    1. Frame size (supplied by the publisher)
    2. Orientation for the map (portrait or landscape)
    3. Size for final map – single-spread, double-spread, or turn-page
    4. Color or gray scale specifications, including desired final resolution (dpi)

Step Two: preparation of toponym lists

  1. Commissioning authors need to prepare lists of ancient toponyms for map production. AWMC will conform to the spelling(s) chosen by the author, so it is essential for the author to give careful attention to this matter in pre-production.
  2. Prepare an Excel (.xlsx) file according to the example shown below (if multiple maps are part of the commission, please prepare one Excel table for each map).
    1. Label column A as ‘c_title’. Enter here, one entry per row, the toponyms as you wish them to appear on the final map.
    2. Label column B as ‘c_notes’. This field should be used to provide any guidance about the placement of toponyms, especially for purposes of disambiguation of geographic features.
    3. Make sure to list both physical and cultural geography that should be labeled.
    4. If the map is to include shading for regions, line work to indicate routes, etc. please explain these in the covering letter or email (but preferably not within the Excel file itself), and provide relevant source material, if appropriate. Please be specific in these cases.
    5. Title your file and save accordingly, e.g. xerxes_toponyms.xlsx.
  3. Send the toponym lists via email as attached files to the AWMC Director.

Step Three: drafting of maps

  1. With toponym lists in hand, AWMC will draft the maps according to the specifications of the commissioning author / publisher.
  2. AWMC will consult with the author over points of style, placement, etc.

Step Four: proofing

  1. AWMC will furnish a proof (usually in .pdf format) for the author to review.
  2. Author will return proof with any needed corrections to AWMC.

Step Five: final product and invoicing

  1. AWMC will make corrections and adjustments according to author feedback and produce a final version.
  2. Author will stipulate desired format for final map (.tiff, .eps, .jpg, .pdf) and means for delivery (FTP server, attachment, online sharing, hard copy).
  3. AWMC will deliver the final version and also supply author / publisher with an invoice and license agreement.
    1. n.b. Payments to settle invoiced charges may only be made by personal check or money order – credit card payments cannot be accepted.
    2. If the commissioning author or agent requires that a W-9 form be supplied by the University of North Carolina, please allow for extra processing time