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Prospective authors who are interested in commissioning maps from AWMC for scholarly publication should email to schedule a consultation with the AWMC Director.  While we are happy to discuss your cartography needs at any stage of the publication process, in order to give an accurate price estimate and begin production on your maps, we typically require the following information.

Commission Requirements

  1. A complete list of all features you would like to indicate on your map(s)—we recommend that you provide this as an Excel spreadsheet.  You are encouraged to include notes where necessary to provide any guidance about the placement of toponyms, particularly to distinguish between sites with similar or identical names.  Note that we will follow the spellings you provide on this list in the production of the map. 
  1. Production details from your publisher (if one has been selected).  We will need to know the following: 
  • What is the maximum frame-size allowed for the map(s)? 
  • Will the maps be printed in color or gray scale?
  • Does the publisher allow for turn-pages and/or double-page spreads? 
  • Does the publisher have a preferred file format and/or other style guidelines for maps?

Once you have provided the information above, AWMC will give a price quote and an estimated timeline for your project.  Unless otherwise specified, price quotes are all inclusive and cover initial drafting, any revisions (within reason) that you’d like to make after seeing drafts, and all licensing costs.  While AWMC can sometimes accommodate rush orders, we encourage you to allow for at least 4-6 weeks between the approval of your price quote and the delivery of the final maps.  Naturally, larger and more complex projects may take longer. 

AWMC will deliver an invoice for your commission along with the final maps.  Payments may be made by check or electronic transfer—unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card payments.