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To support ongoing research and teaching in the spatial humanities, AWMC is pleased to provide free and open access to its GIS data on the ancient world.

Image of AWMC's geophysical data as rendered by Antiquity a-la-carte.

AWMC Geodata Github RepositoryOpens in new tab.

Data on the physical geography of the ancient Mediterranean and files for road networks, political borders, and other aspects of cultural geography.

For questions and accessibility issues, please email

Illustration of the approximate geographic coverage of the Pleiades dataset, which stretches from Britain to India.

Pleiades GazetteerOpens in new tab.

A community-built database of ancient geospatial information, maintained and expanded through a long-running collaboration between AWMC and the Institute for the Study of the Ancient WorldOpens in new tab. at New York University. 

For questions and accessibility issues, please email

Image of the ancient world map tiles hosted by the Consortium for Ancient World Mappers.

CAWM Map TilesOpens in new tab.

Built using geophysical data from AWMC, these tiles are hosted by the University of Iowa Libraries and are designed as a base layer for interactive mapping applications.

For questions and accessibility issues, please email