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Low-resolution version of the Mapping Center's "Egypt and the Near East, 1200-500 BCE" wall map.  A full version can be downloaded from Dropbox.

Routledge 2011 Maps 

The seven maps below were published as a set by Routledge but have now gone out of print.  Rights have reverted to the Center, and we are pleased to make them available under the CC-BY-NC 4.0 LicenseOpens in new tab..  These maps can be used digitally or printed—the dimensions for each are given in inches (width by height) along with the scale. 

To access these maps, as well as metadata and alt text, open the link and download the file from Dropbox.

A low-resolution version of the Mapping Center's "Asia Minor in the Second Century CE" wall map.  For access to the full version, please email

Asia Minor in the Second Century CE 

Originally displayed in draft form at the ‘Roads and Routes in Anatolia’ conference organized by the British Institute at Ankara (March 2014), this map is a successor to that of J.G.C. Anderson (1903) and its partial revision by W.M. Calder and G.E. Bean (1958)Opens in new tab..  The map is at 1 to 750,000 scale, and prints at a size of 80 by 50 inches (at 300 DPI).

For access to this map, please email